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New Health Consulting achieves outstanding reviews from clients. Why? We leverage partnerships with industry leaders to build comprehensive teams of subject matter experts when it is needed. Our teams integrate seamlessly with other vendors and stakeholders on complex projects by leaving our name tags at the door. When we partner, we form focused teams dedicated to deliverables and outcomes, not self-promotion. Our skill in partnering allows us to lead projects with an overarching view at every level, or to jump in with a small team of highly skilled SMEs to provide critical solutions, all without friction.

Current List of Partners:

  • Alivia Analytics - State
  • Highmark Wholecare - State
  • Livanta - Federal
  • Teya - Federal
  • Benefit Recovery - State
  • Maximus - State
  • Pogus - State

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We work with a number of federal and state agencies as well as commercial enterprises.

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