Implementation Services

Transformation You Desire & Measureable Results

We support our clients in designing, planning, and implementing healthcare-oriented systems to ensure that strategic procedures deliver their planned business goals.

NHC assembles custom teams and employs a modular approach to improve our client's internal capabilities. We instill a project management and systems culture inclusive of processes and governance to deliver the transformation you desire and achieve measurable business results.

What Types of Implementation Teams Does NHC Offer?

  • Healthcare Subject Matter Expert (SME) Teams
  • Testing Teams
  • Training Teams
  • Technical Teams
  • Operational Teams
  • Documentation Teams

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Implementation Services Include:

  • Testing
  • Training
  • SMEs
  • Key Personnel
  • Operations Systems
  • Technical Integration
  • Systems Architect
  • QA/IV&V
  • Core Capabilities
  • Talent & Mindset
  • Deployment
  • Change Management
  • Project Coordination
  • Systems Integration
  • Vendor Coordination
  • Stakeholder Management


We work with a number of federal and state agencies as well as commercial enterprises.

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