Compliance is a continuous process for your organization. It never stops. In addition, the quality of compliance data is critically important. Therefore, compliance needs to be an integral part of your organization’s operations.

Our senior consultants collaborate with you to develop and implement a proper, efficient, and well-integrated compliance system. Our compliance services include:

  • Gap identification
  • Risk assessment
  • Audit and monitoring
  • Development and implementation

An ultimate objective is CMS certification or CMMI certification for example. We are always looking at evidence that can be captured today – we know what it is, we know how it needs to be packaged - so that certification isn’t something to worry about. We help our clients to get through the difficult areas. We know how to navigate them. Certification is really is a foregone conclusion when working with NHC.

NHC Founder Eric Zimmerman and associate Jim Lemons discussing provider transformation services and the health care industry.

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Types of Clients

We work with a number of Federal and State agencies as well as commercial enterprises.


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