Federal Clients

New Health assisted the implementation of the following CMS projects.

MACPro Project

A state application and federal review system which processes federal program management, quality, and transparency data for Medicaid and CHIP programs. MACPro will effectively transition a paper based process to an electronic system.

T-MSIS Project

State supplied file processing requiring first submittal of the Source-to-Target Mapping Matrix which must be approved by CMS. Each state submits eight (8) files on a monthly basis. These eight files represent the following subject areas:

  • Eligible
  • Providers
  • Managed Care Organizations
  • Third party liability
  • Four Types of Claims
  • Prescription
  • Long Term Care
  • Inpatient
  • Other

NHC directed a team of analysis and UAT testers for the implementation of all SPA transactions for all MMIS systems in the US and territories. Responsibilities included being a senior UAT manager and a MMIS subject matter expert. Tasks included gathering of detailed design requirements for MACPro, T-MSIS file processing, test case documentation, and UAT coordination and execution.

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Types of Clients

We work with a number of state agencies and commercial enterprises as well.


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