Federal, State, and Commercial - Decades of Experience

Our clients span federal, state, and commercial organizations. We possess decades of experience with all three completing dozens of complex projects of varying dimensions. Federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the Office of Veterans Affairs (VA), the Defense Health Agency, the Indian Health Service (HIS), state health & human services (HHS) departments, and other healthcare industry vendors benefit from our best practices and keen client-engagement based approach.

We achieve transformative organizational change through radical ownership, in depth process improvement, cross-workstream communication development, and a hybrid Agile & Waterfall methodology employed for the entire span of a project by our master schedulers.

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“New Health is conscientious, forward thinking, yet an analytical leader. New Health's expert-level problem solving skills, allowed them to successfully manage our internal team's and customers’ expectations which consistently led to a mutually beneficial result.”

Andrew Fitzpatrick, CEO, Washington Publishing Company - Washington Publishing Company provides EDI publications, tools, health care documentation and reference solutions.

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