Meet New Health Consulting

A Quarter Century Of Leadership

New Health Consulting improves the way health care is delivered and funded.


We help health care organizations become more efficient through expertly crafted audits, exceptional software system recommendations and management practices, and ongoing professional data analysis. We provide the most appropriate and highly accurate information to organizations so they may take command of opportunities and minimize risks in growing their businesses.

In addition, we truly see health care and other sectors such as education, life-sciences, and commercial enterprise through a unique lens. We are a disability-owned business. We understand the importance of putting patients first in the health care sector specifically and considering the exclusive needs of diverse populations across all business segments.

NHC Founder Eric Zimmerman.

Our founder, Eric Zimmerman, is an authority on Medicaid and government-initiated health care programs. His career spans thirty-plus years and his experience is unmatched.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, we service clients in all 50 states, offering an exceptional experience of sharing knowledge and championing best practices nationwide.

What is the one thing every prospective client should know about NHC?

What Sets Us Apart

A quarter century plus of leadership and development of Federal, State and local health care policy

Extensive and notable experience on commercial enterprise and Medicaid health care systems as well as health benefit exchanges

Seasoned and professional associates each possessing decades in the health care industry working in the field as a consultant or in-house at a major health care company or Federal or State agency

A life-long learning mentality and transparent approach with clients where we acknowledge when novel questions and situations arise during engagements and then dig in, investigate, and seek out the best solution

A unique lens as a disability-owned business that provides us real insight about the needs of diverse patient and customer populations

Our Leadership

‍New Health is made up of experienced consultants in healthcare with each consultant averaging over 20 years of experience in leadership of Commercial, Federal, State, and Local healthcare policy.

Eric Zimmerman

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Eric Zimmerman

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Michael Sasko - Board Member

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As a disabled owned business, what insights does that provide NHC in client engagements?

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